There are lots of positive benefits from taking your child to ballet class from a young age; ballet offers fun, exercise, skill and discipline. Children can sometimes be a little anxious about their first ballet class, as you can imagine this can be quite an overwhelming experience for the child. The best way to help them is by making sure they are fully prepared for the class by having everything they need.


Uniforms can vary from dance school to dance school, so it is best to check with the dance teacher BEFORE buying your child’s uniform. Here are some examples of what a child’s first ballet uniform usually consists of:

Leotards: The leotard should be tight yet comfortable enough for your child to move freely. Leotards are available in many colours (again, this is just a case of checking with your child’s dance teacher).

Ballet shoes: Fitting ballet shoes can sometimes be quite difficult. Ballet shoes should fit quite snugly, but be careful not to buy them too small. There needs to be plenty of room in your child’s shoes for moving toes. If you are struggling to decide between two sizes, we recommend you buy the larger size.

Ballet shoes come in leather, canvas and satin. Again, this is the teacher’s personal preference. Leather is the most popular ballet shoes in beginners as they are very durable.

Elastics are placed on the ballet shoes to secure the fit of the shoe. Sometimes, ballet shoes will come without the elastics attached and will need to be sewn on. This isn’t difficult; again your dance teacher can advise you where exactly to place the elastics.

Ballet tights/Socks:

Ballet tights are good for the colder months of the year, as studios can sometimes be quite chilly!!! Again, this is personal preference for the teacher; some may prefer tights, some socks.


Hair should be tied back in a neat bun to avoid distraction during class. Here are some tips:

Smooth hair back into a neat ponytail
Twist hair into a rope
Wrap the hair around the base of the bun
Secure the bun with hair grips
Cover with a bun net


Children may be allowed to wear skirts, headbands and cardigans. Again, it will be best to check with your child’s dance teacher before any are purchased.

This is a guest post by Nicola Winters on behalf of Move Dancewear, a leading retailer of dancewear, dance shoes and leotards.

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