You may already know how to throw the perfect children’s party after reading this previous post on, but you may still be wondering what kind of theme you should pick for your little one’s birthday bash. If you’re out of ideas on ways to throw to the perfect party, simply read on. Here are some wonderful party ideas that will bring a smile to everyone’s faces:

Candyland Party
If you have a son or daughter with a sweet tooth, take inspiration from the classic board game, Candyland. Using tasty treats, you can litter your backyard with colorful gumdrops, peppermint sticks, and other sweets. The simplicity of this theme is perfect for busy parents. The color scheme is open and flexible, allowing you to play with a wide assortment of colors to decorate your house and backyard. Wrap red ribbon around banisters to make them look like giant candy canes and hang colorful paper lanterns from the trees. For an activity, have the kids make gumdrop trees by decorating tree-shaped sugar cookies with icing and gumdrops.

Tea Party
For any girl, a tea party is a decadent, lavish, and proper way to celebrate a birthday. Use Alice in Wonderland as an inspiration for this party, creating colorful treats to go with your tea. Make your own savory scones with bacon and cheddar or sweeter scones with clotted cream and jam. Pastries make beautiful and decorative displays on a double-tiered serving platter. You can also serve hungry parents finger sandwiches, coffee, and tea. A tea party allows parents to throw an afternoon party that can be done and over with by dinner time, which may be less stressful for parents than throwing an evening party or sleepover. Just make sure to provide plastic tea-ware and brace yourself for accidental spills.

Cowboy Party
Everyone loved playing cowboys and Indians as a kid. Now, you can make a whole birthday party based on the childhood game. Invite all the kids to dress as a cowboy or cowgirl, wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats. You can even provide cowboy hats as party favors, if you prefer. Decorate your house like a saloon and invite the kids to race play-horses, providing a prize to the winner.

While thinking of a birthday theme well-suited for the age and tastes of your child may be a challenge, just keep the theme low maintenance and achievable, and we’re sure that everyone will have a fantastic time.

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