Some busy families hardly get to spend time together. The holidays and school breaks are sometimes the only opportunity they have to sit back and catch up on each other’s lives. In some cases too, families unconsciously promote unhealthy lifestyles to each other. Some families love to eat fast food together, or simply sit in different corners of the house in front of each one’s computer or gadget.

Healthy Holiday

A good way to reconnect with your loved ones and to re-educate each other about healthy ways to eat, sleep and move is to go on a weight loss or fitness holiday. Signing up for a fitness holiday means staying at a resort near the woods, the beach, a lake, or any natural environment with your family. There, groups can do enjoyable fitness activities. Eat a breakfast of the region’s ripest fruits and free reign meats. Then, go biking along a trail in the morning. After that, have a hearty lunch. Then play sports. Then relax by the pool come sunset. Have a nice dinner with the family and then, at night, work out some more by going dancing.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness holiday coaches, nutritionists and doctors will make sure that activities will address each person’s needs as well as the needs of a family as a group. Perhaps mom and dad’s high-pressure jobs have left them hypertensive. Perhaps the kids only play video games and eat junk foods all day.

Healthy Diet

A fitness holiday cook or chef can even teach the family to make healthy meals that include fruits, meats and vegetables, which are the elements of a balanced diet. Try having a healthy barbecue that one can easily recreate with the whole family in the back yard. Put some meats and vegetables on the grill. Slather them with this sauce made from maple syrup, organic ketchup, lemon juice, soy sauce, onion powder, paprika and salt.

Fitness with Friends

And such fitness holidays should not just be family activities. A fitness holiday can be a challenge to friends to do sports and exercises over the weekend. College clubs and high school buddies can see if they can still hack it in basketball or volleyball despite the corporate cubicle jobs that they now have to deal with.

Friends can bond again and learn how to make healthy meals they can eat while watching and doing sports. Batter up fish strips in flour and corn flakes, bake them in an oven. Serve them with celery and carrot sticks with a mix of hot sauce, Worcestershire, and pepper sauce. This makes snacking while watching football on TV with your friends healthier.

One of the advantages of going on a fitness holiday is that people can try out different activities over the course of their stay. At the end of it, each member will be able to find one or two things they will enjoy doing regularly to maintain their newfound fitness. Friends and families can also decide on some fun and fit activities they can do every weekend to bond.

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